The story of the most
famous circus creator

The circus is coming to outer space!

No not really but Guy Laliberte is going into space.

Why would the owner billionaire of the Cirque Du Soleil go into outer space?

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Well this is what I believe.

He needs to experience a new feeling. To see the world from a different perspective.

He's also using this experience to promote his business (think Richard Branson here) and his One Drop Foundation: Water For All (very worthwhile and one of the most urgent survival problem we need to fix).

I guess when you are worth $1.2 billion, you can afford to pay $20 million dollars for a trip into space.

You can follow his mission log at...

Seriously, he is reframing his thinking and rewiring his neurons. A good thing!

BUT do you need to go into outer space to do that.


All you need to do is try something new and different.

For example, take a course in pottery, try ballroom dancing or learn how to play chess. Anything that will make you think differently and see things differently.

The big idea is to rewire your neurons and to create new patterns of thinking in your brain. As long as you keep your brain alive and working, you'll feel a great sense of satisfaction and see the world from a different perspective.

How did Guy come up with his Cirque Du Soleil ideas?

At the age of 18, he hitchicked across Europe working as a street performer. He learned how to breathe fire and walk on stilts. He lived day-by-day to survive with barely $1,000 in his pocket. When he came back home, he organized festivals and street parties.

He landed contracts with the Government of Quebec to organize street shows for Quebec's 375th anniversary. It was not that easy. People did not show up and the big tent fell down the first day.

Imagine they only made $40,000 in profits for his first show.

Next he made an incredible leap and signed $1.5 million dollars in contracts without having the OK from his lenders. He ended his second season with half-a-million dollars in the red.


Finally he gambled everything at the Los Angeles Arts festival.

Bingo! He hit pay dirt.

In 1987, with shows in San Diego and Santa Monica, the Crique Du Soleil netted $1.5 million dollars. Today Cirque Du Soleil has more than 20 shows. Six shows in Las Vegas, Mystère, O, Kà, LOVE, Zumanity, and Criss Angel Believe, play to more than 9,000 people per night.

The next one, Elvis, is certain to be a smash hit.

Well how did this astronaut do it?

He simply combined different styles of circus with acrobatics and left out the ring and the animals to draw the audience into the performance.

When you combine best-selling idaes together, you get a winner.

In his own words: "We didn't reinvent the circus, we repackaged it in a much more modern way."

Now what's your BIG IDEA?

Watch the video and go into your inner-outer space...

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