What can you learn from his business vision?

Did he have a business vision?

Pat Croce has been working since he was eleven years old.

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His childhood paper route in his hometown of Philadelphia gave him a strong sense of work ethic, and the disciplinary and organizational skills he learned stayed with him throughout his life.

During his college years he played on the football team, hoping it would lead to a professional career; but soon it became clear that playing pro football was not in his future, so he decided to take some time off college.

Is volunteering the way to find your personal vision?

He worked various odd jobs around Philadelphia. Still not knowing what he wanted to do with his life, he began volunteering at the hospital where he was introduced to the world of sports medicine: the perfect fusion of two of his passions, sports and health.

He immediately began to plan his future in the field, and by 1979, he had opened the first sports medicine center in the US.

Fifteen years later, he owned 40 centers across the country. Pat partially attributes his success to his paperboy values of customer service; in therapy, he works to ensure both the physical and mental well-being of his patients.

His entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to accomplish a wide variety of feats throughout his career, from owning the Philadelphia 76ers to being a best-selling self-help author.

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