Body language tips

Body language accounts for 93% of our communication with others.

People attribute:

-> 55% of your communication to your nonverbal behavior,

-> 38% to your voice inflections (volume, tone, pitch), and

-> 7% to the words you use.

The message is clear.

People who watch your nonverbal language code and decode it to see if it matches with your voice and choice of words. If you think about it, we do it unconsciously and automatically whenever we meet or see someone.

All of our past programming will affect our reactions to another person.

I really enjoy how comedians use their body and movements to tell their jokes.

Notice in this 2 minute and 17 second video how both comedians use their poses and voice tonality to trigger laughter in their audience.

It's a little demonstration in the science of nonverbal behavior.

Just Imagine Your Success,

Body language

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