The Blue School and
the 3 Marketeers

The Blue School draws its ideas from a unique creative business.

Let's dig deeper into these business ideas first.

It all started when an actor, reseacher and programmer joined forces to create the Blue Man Group.

If you don't know yet the Blue Man Group organizes grandiose theatrical shows and computer-programmed concerts all over the world.

The creators, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton are the original Blue Men in the blue skin outfits.

They play PVC pipes like tubas, multicolored drums with water sprinklers, shoot tissue from air guns, use tons of Jell-O to splatter themselves and others.

Their shows are a marketing extravanga that put you into an hypnotic trance where you forget time and your troubles.

Don't we all go there once upon a time...

The Blue Men do not talk and they sign autographs with a blue dot.

In fact the 3 blue marketeers started in 1988 with a parade in Central Park. And they produced their first show at the Astor Placer Theater in 1991.

Without a business plan, without seed capital and without marketing, they just did it even running after people to sell tickets.

With more than 20 million fans that pay between $43 and $132 dollars per seat, I hope you realize this is big, big, big business.

Let's do the math...

20 million (people) time $90 (average seat cost) = $1,800,000,000 billion smakaroos I hope you realize I love zeroes. Don't you?

These entrepreneurs realized that they could reproduce themselves and their creative business by training clones for their productions.

There are more than 70 clones that appear all over the world.

Blue Man Productions produces all the Blue Man Group shows across the universe. Kind of a franchise without losing royalties.

After winning the prestigous Lucille Lortel and Obie Awards, making 1,285 consecutive shows and selling out 8 weeks in a row, it was time to draw up a Blue Man Group marketing manual.

First they defined the Blue Man persona...

He is a hero, scientist, shaman, group member, joker and vaudevillian troubadour.

He does not speak but uses drumulums, tubulums, piano smashers and multi-colored liquids and lights to put his audience into a frenetic trance.

Also when you attend a concert, you may get sprayed and you'll defintiely get the blues after the Blue Man Group show.

Let's fast forward to today.

From Chicago and Boston, to Vegas, Orlando, Amsterdam, London, Stuttggart, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Tokyo, the Blue Man show conquered the world.

With a little help from Intel, original musical scores, ads at the Grammy Awards, basketball and baseball playoffs, they filled up their shows at full capacity and... their bank vaults to the brim.

To sum up...

No marketing plan
No start-up money
No business training

But a...

A unique blend of talents
A team effort
A creative marketing strategy
A test and retest approach
A duplicable business idea

What more can you ask?

Well they created the Blue School. Where they teach creative artists. Their best work.

Their mission is "to cultivate creative, joyful and compassionate inquirers who use courageous and innovative thinking to build a harmonious and sustainable world."

Who says art class is not important?

Watch the video below to take your first class with your Blue School mentors...

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