How a blind person overcomes challenges

Read, watch and listen to the sound of potential

Patrick Hughes was born blind and crippled, but amazingly began playing the piano when he was only a few months old.

Now a freshman at the University of Louisville, he plays the trumpet in a marching band. His father not only pushing his wheelchair at marching band events, but also attends every class with him, so Patrick can actively participate in the classroom.

Patrick's father considers him "my hero."

Patrick Hughes is a young man at University of Louisville who was born blind and crippled and yet now plays the piano beautifully as well as "marches" in the Louisville marching band.

This was a piece done during ESPN College Gameday on December 2, 2006.

Click on the image below to watch the video and listen to the music of opportunity from a blind person...

Is unconscious blind love these people are practising each day?

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