A water bed that leaks

Smile you're on Candid Camera. This water bed video reminds me of this program.

Right Candid Camera was one of my favorite TV program when I was in my teens.

Worked then and still does today.

There is a lesson in this water bed video.

Wherever you maybe and with whomever you interact be sure to react in a positive manner. I do.

I say thank you, sorry, excuse me, introduce myself and smile. It's a conditoned reflex in my behavior my mom and dad taught me.

It really has to be imprinted in your mind. Repeat the behavior often enough to make it automatic. It's the best way to react when you bump into people, experience an unusual situation or simply make an error.

Better be on the safe side and give other people credit for their intention. It is always difficult to know another person's intention when you don't know them or don't see them.

I've experienced these situation many times. It's always good to empathize and understand with a person's intention and situation.

Send out good vibes and it will resonate throughout your life.

As you'll witness in this video, people react with laughter BUT what if someone got upset, roared after the salespeople, yelled and screamed and even went to extreme and sued the store owner.

Does that ever happen?

You bet people sometimes get upset for little things. The moral is not to sweat the small stuff. Stay calm and relax life is too short to loose your temper.

So remember to be kind and gentle with other people and they will appreciate you more. Just my point of view.

Smile ;-)!

P.S. Ever dropped water on one of your books. Please don't drop some on my new eBook Winning series ;-).