Victor Borge the musician
and comedian

Victor Borge has a niche.

It is so refreshing to hear and watch him.

Laughter and its simple joy.

Ok I'm old hat but I simply love this kind of comedy.

Using his body language he communicates with his audience and works the orchestra masterfully.

Our brains are at work as we interpret his body language movement. He even adds emotions to the sound of music.

Our brains catch on and we laugh with him.

It's so great. I love it.

When you listen to music do you feel emotions in your mind? Do you move to the rhythm of the music? Do you sing along with the song?

Why do you listen to the same song over and over again? Why do you lose the sense of time when you listen to music?

Note many songs and music pieces are only 2 to 3 minutes long. Your brain incorporates the right and left side into a single experience. Emotions, words and rhythm resonates throughout your brain and your body.

Let's dance!

In a stroke of genius, Borge linked what we do in our brain when we listen to music and makes us laugh with simple gestures and words.

You can do the same with any goals you want to achieve in life.

Whether you're a business person, athlete, musician, writer or in any other profession, music, the right kind, can enhance your performance.

Not only your performance but your state of being. In fact you can quickly become hypnotized and go into a happy trance.

Watch the video and lose yourself in the amusement and joy of music.

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