Why I love Tony Robbins, my mom and dad

Yes I bought Tony Robbins' Unlimited Power Audio Series from his infamous infomercial that sold more than 1 million copies at $350 a pop... and I listened to it (99% of people buy audio programs, books and systems but unfortunately never read and apply them).

Yes I read his books, Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within with more than 1 million copies sold.

Yes I have read the works of John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Milton Erickson, the ultimate creators of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

But I have never met Tony Robbins or the others in any way.

I love them all. Do, in fact, read and love them still.

My mother and father died when they were 87 and 83 years old. But both lived a life of desperation and depression for more than 27 years. They lost their business, a small corner store, their livelyhood and their money to money-grabbing politicians and immoral real estate moguls.

I took care of them.

It was a very difficult and heart-breaking period of my life. To see your parents lose all their earnings and will to live all the while going through depression is challenging to say the least.

It hurt all the family.

They kept their pride and helped my brother, sisters and me whichever way they could financially, emotionally and physically.

When I started to read and listen Tony's books and tapes (that's what we called them before CDs and MP3s), I discovered precious gold-nuggets of wisdom and down-to-earth strategies to help my mom and dad. Both were going around in circles like rats in a maze lost in a fogged daze of fear and uncertainy.

Tony Robbins' voice echoed in my ear. He said, "To break a habit or thought, you have to interrupt the patterns. Choose something outrageous and change the environment."

That`s what I did. My mother was sick, depressive and in a state of shock. So I bought her a book on crochet and knitting. And up until her death she knitted sweaters, table tops, soxes, and especially a dress for my little girl's christening, the love of her life.

I was athletic and loved running. So I took my father running. He tried it but it was too difficult for him. Then he started to walk. and walk he did, all over the neighborhood and the city. He walked for hours and hours.

Also I used many NLP techniques and strategies to interrupt my parents self-defeating thoughts of anger, depression and hate.

About that time I read an article in a magazine about Tony who was coaching an Olympic swimmer to achieve peak performance with NLP.

I was hooked, read and studied sport psychology. I wanted to help children and parents keep fit and achieve success in a healthy environement.

I taught physed at school, coached basketball, and soccer. I vowed to stress cooperation and mental health at work and play.

It was and still drives my life's purpose. I owe a debt of gratitude to my mother and father who showed me the way. They reinforced the lessons of love, forgiveness, honesty and commitment.

Over the years I watched Anthony Robbins and his teachers refine their self-help and life coach programs. They even inspired me to write books on Mental Training and The Neuro-Psychology of Winning.

Tony's first teacher, Jim Rohn said it best, "Happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live. What we do with the things we have makes the biggest difference in the quality of life."

As you can see, I take a personal interest in people's lives and I believe we all have the power within to love each other.

I thank you personally, Tony Robbins, for helping me through challenging times and I will do my best to do the same for others around the world to make it a better place like you did for my mom, dad and me. I love you.

Just Imagine Your Success And Take Action Now,

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