The Serial Podcast

How The Serial Podcast got 5 million downloads on iTunes (the fastest ever), how they are building a crowd of fans and how they are using crowd funding to produce a new season

If you listen to The Serial Podcast, they will take you on a journey to solve a real-life murder mystery.

Of course, their strategy is based on traditional best-selling Murder Mystery TV series like Solved or even the board game, Clue.

You Become The Detective

But most important you are now invited to be part of the defence team, a Perry Mason or a Dick Tracy (that's how old I am, for you youngsters out there Perry was a damn good defence lawyer, never lost a case, and Dick was a comic strip detective who was the first to wear a video wrist watch ;-).

The Fastest Ever 5 Million

Downloaded Podcast Series on iTunes

During different episodes, they share with you a podcast to describe the scene of the crime, the guilty party and the events.

What's more they give you clues like the letters, the timeline, the testimonials from the witnesses and how you can help free who they believe is an innocent victim.

Most amazing on the Internet, the podcast is a smash hit. The fastest 5 million downloaded podcast series in iTunes history.

The Serial Podcast is hosted and produced by Sheila Koenig who works with The Innocence Project. Their mandate is to help victims who are falsely accused and imprisoned for a crime they believe they didn't commit.

The Serial Podcast is a series of weekly podcast, like This American Life, produced by WBEZ Chicago about a case study in 12 episodes.

A Plan You Can Use To Increase

Your Listeners and Followers

What can you learn from a podcast series like The Serial Podcast to increase your followers and listeners to your audio programs?

     Create a series, one to 12 episodes

     Use the same host

     Link each episode with vital clues that if you miss leaves out a piece of the puzzle

     Hyperlink all the episodes

     Use sponsors before, during and after the podcast to make money

     Offer the opportunity to share evidence, theories and comments

     Create social interactions with your listeners

How To Raise More Money With A Little Help From Your Followers

(hey I love the Beatles)

Since the serial podcast is a smashing hit, the producers of the show decided to use crowd funding to raise funds. At this time, the Crowdsolve platform gives you some goodies if you donate money for the up and coming program on

Just Imagine Your Success And Do It Now,

P.S. Imagine having your own Serial Podcast with more than 5 million followers.