How A Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Gift Can Break Or Take Your Heart Away

You know what the sayings Have A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year mean? Now stay with me and you'll understand my creative thought process when you finish reading the blog. 

Don't you? Come on Scrooge!

Merry means to be joyful, celebrate and be in a good cheer. And the word Christmas is derived from the Christians' belief that Jesus Christ, our savior, was born on December 25th. Hence the words Merry Christmas implies the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth.

New Year's day is the first day of a new Gregorian or old Roman calendar. It is not the same day for all cultures. For example, the Chinese celebrate New Year's day between January 21 and February 21 of the Gregorian calendar. Basically New Year's day is the beginning of a new year.

Think starting over, making resolutions and... oops breaking resolutions ;-)!

Now let's get down to business.

On Christmas day people exchange gifts and some even do it on New Year's day. What the hell, it's good for business.

Throughout the years, some toy manufacturers hit one out of the ball park.

Think Cabbage Patch kids. Don't know about them. Well the Cabbage Patch kids are puckered face cabbages born in a patch and adopted that come with a unique name and birth certificate. These soft sculptured dolls rolled the money in the cash register (no bitcoins or digital iPhone transactions, just cash mam) for the creator Xavier Roberts.

Now think Kinder Surprise. Again you don't know about Kinder Surprise Eggs?

Kinder Surprise, also known as a Kinder Egg, is an original Italian chocolate egg for children. Guess who manufactures the toy eggs: Ferrero, a humongous Italian company. In Italian, they call it Kinder Sorpresa. In German, the word Kinder means children. And in Italian, the word Sorpresa means surprise. Kinder Surprise are chocolate eggs with a small toy inside that requires assembly. But not all countries allow toys inside because some children choked on the toys. Ah well.

In Canada, we allow toys inside. Hey, we are Canadians after all!

Are they out of business? Nope. They too are cashing in.

Now we get to the crux of a Canadian toy craze! Mama I want one.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year: The Birth of Hatchimals

Be warned:

I am NOT responsible if you send your kids to the following web sites.

This is the story of a prosperous Canadian high tech toy company...

Take a look at the campaign and the toy on youtube...

So what's the big deal?

Can you imagine how their team created this winning product?

Picture a Cabbage Patch Kid inside a Kinder Sorpresa crackling egg that responds to your voice commands and that you nurture for 5 years all because a Lay's chip inside, sensors and a Wifi connection. 

The moral of the story: It's best not to invent a product to start your business but to IMPROVE and combine together best-selling and money-making products.

No that's NOT really the moral.

The true moral of the story is that I want to wish you, your family and your friends a Merry Christmas rebirth and a New Calendar Year filled with fun and maybe even some kinder surprises :-)!

P.S. The creative process is simple when you associate best-selling products and services together. Give it your original Merry Christmas and Happy New's twist and shout (Still love the Beatles). Hi Paul ;-)