Harry Potter is a figment of her imagination

I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter BUT I am a big fan of JK Rowling.

In the video below, she talks about the two key ingredients to her success.

What are these two keys ?

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Failure and imagination !

Let's start with failure. The benefit of failure.

Any person who is a success will tell you that failure is part of the success formula.

The more you fail, the more you succeed.

BUT there's a big IF...

If you correct, learn and try something different than your failure.

In other words, do something different.

Do you fear failure?

Well get off you butt and take responsibility, you are now an adult. Sorry about being so blunt.

Remember that you can compare your life with anyone. There's the upcomparison where you compare your life with someone who is healthy, wealthy and wise or whatever, you fill in the blank. Then there is downcomparison where you compare your life with people who are sick, dying, living without water or food, or even lying on their back ;-) !

Imagination is her second key.

Wow does she ever excel in that field with her books.

Right now you can use your mind to travel and live in any world you wish.

JK Rowling is a master writer of fiction but she sure lives a life of exemplary courage and determination.

You can too. The power is within you. There is another key she mentions in the video. One that is very precious.

Watch the video below and think how YOU can use JK Rowling's life lessons...

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Just Imagine Your Success And Do It Now, Harry Potter P.S. Harry Potter lives in your mind.