Will You Eat Just Plant-Based
Eggs And Lab-Grown Meat
In The Near Future ?

Will You Eat Just Plant-Based Eggs And Lab-Grown Meat
In The Near Future?, is a valid question in today's world.


The trend is whole-food plant-based and some ingenious entrepreneurs are taking the market by storm.

Also there is the environmental problems and global world population growth.

For example, Eat Just is a California business valued at approximately 1 Billion. And it raised $500,000 dollars from billionaire tech Vinod Khosla and business partner Smir Kaul for the start-up.

The founder and CEO of the company, Josh Tetrick, started the company with $3,000, not in a garage though.

The Original Ideas
Eat Just Plant-Based Eggs
And Lab-Grown Meat

Josh knew that there were 375,000 species of plants in the world and wanted to concoct an egg from some of these plants. He finally hit on mung beans. No more cholesterol from egg yolks. He christened his product, Just Eggs.

He also thought he could make chicken meat from a chicken cell. So with the help of food scientists he took biopsies from live chicken feathers. No more chicken McNuggets from live chickens. Only Good Meat!

No killing of animals. No antibiotics. Just cellular agriculture!

More important it takes 14 days from start to finish and no chicken coupe ;-). It retails for $17 dollars for a set meal.

Pretty ambitious, but he succeeded.

Eat Just Plant-Based And
Lab-Grown Meat Is
BIG Business

As entrepreneurs, you know the ones on Shark Tank and Dragon's Den, you need distribution centres to sell your products.

They have 25,000 stores selling their products and 1,000 food service locations.

The Singapour government just approved their lab grown chicken for sale. And it's a great launching pad for export in the Asian markets.

It's already sold in China (Dicos retail stores) and the United States.

They've sold more than 100 million Just Eggs at Walmart, Whole Food Markets and online at Alibaba.

Will Eat Just Plant-Based Eggs And Lab-Grown Meat be accepted culturally and spread worldwide?

As many of you know, I eat whole-food plant-based and my wife and I have a community garden.

The $64,000 dollar question.

Will you eat just plant-based eggs and lab-grown meat?

Me. I might try them if I see the list of ingredients, but I prefer homegrown food.

For now, I vote for our fresh grown food. Last night we had asparagus, carrots, potatoes, onions and tofu. Out-of-this-world!

Happy, healthy, Eating,

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