How The Song
Despacito Was Born

"Despacito: A 20 Year
Overnight Success"

I am talking about the song and video Despacito by Luis Fonsi, Erika Ender and Daddy Yankee. Carlos Perez was the director of the Music Video.

In this ABC nightline video, Luis Fonsi reveals to you what I believe is the magic of your unconscious mind.

Imagine when Luis woke up from a dream, he had the lyrics and melody in his head. Remember the song, Yesterday by Paul McCartney. Maybe they're on to something here.

Wait a minute. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Before you fall asleep, Luis was an experienced singer, writer and composer, and Latin Music Award Winner. Indeed his unconscious Despacito brain was ready to connect all the dots to create the most popular video on youtube.

The Neuroscience of Imagination

He co-wrote the song with Erica Ender, a good friend, and produced the video in one day with another friend, Carlos Perez.

What's the secret to musical viral videos?

  • How about a Justin Bieber English-Spanish youtube version and endorsement?
  • How about a former Miss Universe winner, Zuleyka Rivera, dancing to the rhythm of the song (feel the music)?
  • How about great lyrics, great music and an hypnotic video?
  • How about sexual innuendos (pump those hips, grab your crotch, and dance the night away with beautiful male dancers like me ;-)?
  • How about an unfortunate event in Puerto Rico (A Heartfelt Ode To Puerto Rico: A Day In The Life Of Puerto Rico)?

Is writing and producing a viral video just luck?

Well if spending hours writing songs, singing, producing videos, working with pros and sleeping on it, maybe not!

With experience, your luck increases exponentially and your skills get better in time. When I have an idea, I love to put it into action right away. Get some momentum going and your dreams will come true.

Stories of magical mystery tours and dreams abound in the wonderful world of business. Success comes with hard work, hyper-focus, repetition and reinforcement. Step onto your field of dreams and make it happen. Take action now. 

Oh while I am at it, if you need a singer, writer and composer, I am available. I'm also handsome and like my daughter I am a great dancer ;-)!

Be The Passion. Believe.

P.S. My next project is all about the power of your subconscious mind. Hope you'll join me in this journey.