Chad Hurley acted on an idea, a billion dollar idea

Chad Hurley started early in February 2005 to upload videos... his own videos.

The idea was simple.

His site allowed you to upload your videos to their server and to embedd them into any web pages on any web site.

It became free advertising for free server space and people could click on the videos to come back to the site.

What quickly speeded up the rise of

Three events upsarted the trend.

Myspace disabled the embedd functionality of videos on their site (but MySpace members overturned their ruling), they tripled their server, and Saturday Night Live comedy uploaded their Lazy Summer video on

They used flash media player.

It was easy and simple to upload any video in any format and convert them into flash.

No other site was doing it on the Internet.

They allowed the community to see what they wanted to see. They controlled the length and quality of videos. The videos had a viral effect. Members could share and email their videos to their friends.

Watch this video and enjoy the process Chad used to turn an idea into a billion dollar profit. Now the presenter, in my mind, does not do a great job in this seminar. Nevertheless listen to what Chad says at heart.

Just Imagine Success,

Chad Hurley

P.S. Speed up your peak performance like Chad Hurley