A Step-By-Step Business Plan That Made Her A Millionaire 

How she used a best-selling book to
create her business plan

You've heard the stories about people writing their business plan on a napkin in a restaurant or on an envelope.

Well this mother of 3 kids with a Ph.D. in cognition and neuroscience read a book by Jeff Walker, Launch, to start her weight loss business.

Susan Peirce Thompson was an overweight mom and teacher who wanted to lose weight and keep it off. So after reading Jeff Walker's book she was inspired to become an entrepreneur and used his plan to market a weight loss course online.

Now her target market is huge because more than 66% of people worldwide are overweight. This is sad and shocking!

But back to her business plan and marketing strategy, you`ll hear her say how she planned her business step-by-step and progressively achieved success in the video below...

Now the story doesn't end with these first three launches. The next one is the biggie. The one that allowed her to bring in more than $2,200,000.00 dollars in the bank.

As you watch the next video, note which influencer helped her reach those numbers and how many clients signed up...

Ok let's sum up...

1-She copied a proven method.. The Product Launch Formula.

2-She was an authority in the field of weight loss. In fact, she teaches a course at College on that subject matter.

3-Her target market is alive and well (you know what I mean they are hungry - sorry about that - to spend money to find a solution to their weight loss problem. Hey how could Dr. Phil, J.J. Virgin, Bob Harper and now Oprah - she is now board member and part-owner of Weight Watchers - be wrong).

4-She bought the tools she needed to start the launch: autoresponders, web hosting, email software, video cams and speakers.

5-Of course she has the before and after pictures of her clients and herself. Now I have to put on at least 30 pounds to sell my new weight loss program. Maybe I`ll imitate what Robert DiNiro did to prepare himself for the movie, Raging Bulls ;-). Ouch!

5-She affiliated herself with the foodrevolution.org owner Ocean Robbins to leverage her message and mailing list. How much money did she share with him I don't know. The usual affiliate commission is 50% but as I said I don't know.

5-Her guarantee, are you sitting down? 360-day guarantee or your money back. Lose it or get your money back.

6-She has a unique USP (unique selling proposition). Bright Lines: Happy, thin and free. And lots of clear strategies like weighing your food and no snacks between main meals.

Well my extra pounds off to her and well done Susan.

Just Imagine Your Success And Do It Now,

P.S. She followed her business plan and her passion was her mission.