What do Avatars, Planet of the
Apes, and Andy Serkis have
in common with success and visualization ?

Do you have successful avatars?

Well have you seen the movies, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes?

Yes, then stay tuned for a lesson on success and visualization.

No, then get your butt off to the movie theater or rent the DVDs and go see them.

OK I truly won’t get upset if you haven’t seen the movies.

BUT… a big butt ;-) !

I will get mad and seek you out if you don’t read this blog about these movies and learn how to achieve success !

Now traditional psychologists and even some pop culture self-help authors and speakers publicly say how mental imagery or visualization is the key to success. They say most people don’t use imagery correctly, and that only a small percent will achieve their outcomes.

People are being taught to “visualize” and “see themselves” acting out their behaviors.

Really? Do they teach you the right way to visualize?

Sure, visualization and images of models are great. Butt there are specific actions you need to practise for it to work in real life.

Is it simple to see yourself achieve success?

No. Butt can you do it? Yes, absolutely!

Of the 3 movies, I’ll focus more specifically on the movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes (I’ve seen all the Planet of the Apes movies and yes auntie Oprah I’m old!)

First do you know who is Andy Serkis ?

He’s a monkey. No seriously in the movie he is Caesar the main Ape character. He also played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. You won’t see his face either in these movies.

Now open your mind’s antenna, your eyes and your ears.

You’re about to watch a trailer from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ movie.

Watch closely and intensely the eye movements, facial expressions and body movements of Caesar, the Ape or Andy Serkis whomever you B-E-L-I-E-V-E you’re seeing !

When I watch the clip, I even imitate Caesar to feel his emotions. I told you I was going to seek you out if you don’t read’n watch this blog. So you better be scared I’m getting ready ;-) !

Then listen to what Andy Serkis, the real one, says about performance capture technology.

Isn’t Andy Serkis’ performance simply amazing ?

With Computer Graphic Interface (CGI), performance capture technology (a head mounted video cam) and an “infected” measle’s costume, Andy models the physical and emotional behaviors of an Ape masterfully.

Instantly you capture the Ape’s emotions, thinking process and intelligence with your mirror neurons.

Ah I caught you off guard. Didn’t I ?

Your mirror neurons register Caesar’s emotions and maybe for 10 to 30 milliseconds you believe that what you are seeing is an intelligent Ape with real emotions.

What’s happening in your brain?

Well you are being tricked by the producers, directors and actors in the movie to believe for maybe 2 or 3 hours that you have these avatars' brain ;-) !

So what MUST yo do to achieve success in your personal and professional life ?


Visualize yourself in the first person.

F-E-E-L the emotions.

Rehearse in slow motion the actions at first then speed it up gradually.

Rinse with intensity, repetition and speed.

There you have it. See you at the movies. Oh yes and a Canadian actress, Chelah Horsdal, also stars as Irena in the movie. Hey she's one of my Canadian avatars you know.

Now watch the trailer, read my ebook and be amazed…

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Just Imagine Your Success And Do It Now,

success avatars P.S. Do you have your own success avatars ?