Instant creative memory

Already your brain has imprinted internal pathways for making decisions, your creative memory.

These pathways are routes that direct all of your thoughts, actions, and feelings, both right and wrong, every moment of your life and this in fact is the foundation of your creative memory.

Your brain is on automatic pilot and it evaluates everything instantly and unconsciously.

The important thing is that you must take control of your automatic pilot and set it up so that you consciously pilot your brain and your creative memory. Your flight plan has been installed through the years by multimedia, audio, video, software, television programs and models you see, hear, and feel each day of your life.

The secret of a creative memory

In fact, your central processing unit, your brain, is controlled by seven creative memory chips: Your values,

your beliefs,

your models,

your self-models,

your skills,

your emotions, and

your questions.

Together these seven creative memory chips fire off powerful currents which create or eliminate your action programs. They interact simultaneously at the speed of light and send ultra-fast signals to run your creative memory programs often without your awareness.

At times you have to debug a creative memory program to achieve the results you want. Instantly you can access your success or happiness file, your fear or courage file, your hate or love file as soon as you run one of your creative memory programs.

A creative memory program decides what you do, why you do it, or why you don't do what you know you need to do.

By inserting or changing any one of these seven creative memory chips whether it's a value, belief, model, self-model, skill, emotion or question you can instantly program a new result in your behavior. Most important, you'll be reprogramming your files to run new behaviors.

Remember, if you're overweight, you usually run one of your programs and access one or all of your creative memory chips. For example, you run your food program which says you have to fill up your stomach while you salivate, which answers the question, "Do you want more?," which finally makes you feel good.

What makes a creative memory work ?

In this creative memory, I'll be teaching you how to access your brain directly to change your creative memory chips, your programs, and your files to run your life. By changing your internal hardware, you'll be able to consistently achieve your desired outcomes. In fact, you're about to download your brain with exciting software and interactive multimedia programs full of information and knowledge.

First, you'll discover who you are and what truly makes you do what you do. With this powerful awareness, you'll be able to use your creative memory program to select the tools and skills you need to change your behavior, understand your spouse, your family, your friends, and business associates. You'll finally be able to explore new creative memory programs in your life.

Right now how can you integrate these same strategies in your creative memory program ?

I think you can easily incorporate these ideas in your creative memory program. For example, you can superimpose questions as supers on your visuals to lead your thoughts in the direction you want them to go.

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