A most amazing inspirational story: What makes this inspirational story a masterpiece ?

Behind the scenes of the movie Aladdin, there is an exceptional inspirational story.

Robin Williams interprets the genie in the lamp. And as you listen to the genie, he speaks at the speed of lightning.

Now how did Robin learn his script ?

First of all, the script for the genie was written by Ron Clements and John Musker.

Can you imagine how they created this script ?

How comedy records helped
create this inspirational story

Well they took excerpts from Robin William's old comedy records and animated a genie to them.

Eric Goldberg, an animator for Walt Disney, worked with the writers to come up with a screen test.

Did you ever hear an inspirational story from your mouth ?

He listened to a record by Williams and noted that he used two voices to depict two characters who said,

"Tonight, I'd like to talk to you about schizophrenia,"

and the other voice said,

"No, he doesn't. Shut up."

A little inspirational story that
explains a creative process

The light was turned on in his head as he illustrated two heads for the genie to argue with himself. He fiddled around with this concept and came up with the hilarious scene when Aladdin finds the lamp.

Williams was unaware of this pilot test as he was working on the set of Hook. When he finally had the opportunity to watch the test reel, he laughed his guts out. Eventually Williams collaborated with the writers, animators, and producers of the movie.

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This almost-magical lamp lights up a wonderful inspirational story

Scenes like this one just don't miraculously happen in the blink of an eye. Williams would read the first script then improvise different takes as he let his creative juices flow with key visuals. Usually after ten minutes and twenty-five takes, he would be physically wrung out like a wet mop...

Call back this inspirational story at the movies.

After these takes, every word was transcribed and the producers edited in and out the best material for the final cut. Williams would react to all kinds of props set out on a tray in front of him.

The inspirational story of an actor
with the grasshopper mind

At first it was covered with a sheet, then once the tray was uncovered he would improvise with his whole bag of tricks. In the scene that introduces the genie, "Friends Like Me," he goes through a panoply of personalities (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Sullivan, Senor Wences, a Scottish gentleman and his dog, and Groucho Marx and his duck) like a whirlwind of dust.

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Great inspirational story sparks
creative process quick !

If you want to take on this challenge, set up a tray with objects on it and let your emotions go wild as you personify different characters. Be sure to record your session. You never know this might be the start of a new career.

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