Create your funny
video clip

Have you ever watched "America's Funniest Home Videos" and their funny video clips ?

Once in a while the producers include a funny video clip segment in their program where they run a tape backwards at full or normal speed.

As you watch the tape, the characters are running and jumping backwards, and the props flip and twist in the air in a continuous flow.

Really these funny video clips are unusual and hilarious.

Doesn't this kind of production interrupt your thought pattern ?

If you have any problems or bad habits that you would like to eliminate be sure to try "The Backward Tape Program" to disrupt your automatic behavior. For example, make a funny video clip of yourself as you smoke in different environments, go wild and crazy.

. . . take pictures of yourself sitting on the toilet bowl

. . . make an animal take a puff of your cigarette (this is actually done in laboratories to test the effects of cigarette smoking on the lungs of animals)

. . . light up a cigarette and make it stand straight up in manure, then pick it up and put it in the mouth of a dead person (imaginary or real)

. . . add music or commentaries to your funny video clip that will enlighten your life

. . . finally, edit your funny video clip and run it backwards.

Do you remember The Bloopers Program with Dick Clark ?

Or do you watch the sports bloopers of the week ?

Sometimes these funny video clips can cause small or big damages to your successful behavioral or emotional patterned program. Usually they create joy and laughter in many people.

But unfortunately, these funny video clips may reinforce a bad habit with the very behavior you have success within your domain. Click here to learn more about how to use a funny video clip to change your life.

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