Manipulation versus persuasion

I invite you to read my brief comment and to watch a television show on manipulation that will teach you its power.

The video, The Heist, by Derren Brown is a replica of Stanley Milgram and Phil Zimbardo's experiments on manipulation in real life without a control group.

If you have studied psychology, you'll understand what I am talking about. If not, just watch the show and be conscious of the manipulation the host is doing to his innoncent guests.

Television, movies and the media in general show only a glimpse of reality as perceived by each one of us. A camera does not convey the true story, you make up your own.

Remember that the editing software is a great persuasive and manipulative tool in the hands of an artist. Very convincing!

It can trick you brain into believing and doing what is not good for you.

I had never heard of Derren Brown before watching the movie, The Heist.

Does the media condition the masses to behave like they do or is it an educational tool to empower your life ?

Do you have the choice ?

As I talk about it in my eBook, Tune In To The Genius Within, you can do miracles with the media.

For example in one experiement carried out by Drs. Sandra and Milton Ball-Rokeach, they did a split test on values and fund-raising sollicitations. The results are all explained in their book, The Great American Values Test. In fact, their results are more valid than in the Derren Brown experiment I believe.

All the screening and conditioning Derren Brown does are not very scientific. There is a lack of random selection, number of participants, statistical analysis, peer reviews, etc.

He plays right into the hands of television pawn brokers who sell their wares and thrive on consumer ratings. Click on this link to watch the show on manipulation

Consumer beware of the people who dress in black, lie to you and worst... smile when they achieve their outcome (or should I say income !).

Just Imagine Your Success,

~ Pierre Provost

Best-selling author Hypnotic Media Secrets

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