Learn hypnotize mind control from an Oscar-winning actress

When you are in a state of a hypnotize mind, how will you know if your experience is real or imagined ?

Meryl Streep is an actress I admire. Once on the set of the movie Ironweed, Meryl demonstrated her ability to trigger at will a state of hypnotize mind.

More specifically in this bleak movie, she plays the role of a ragged outcast during the depression. At the end of the film, she dies in a cheap hotel room in the arms of her hobo lover played by Jack Nicholson.

To step into her role, she hugged a giant bag of ice cubes for nearly an hour off screen. The feeling of the ice put her in a hypnotize mind state of lifelessness.

In this final scene, Jack Nicholson had to cry and shake her body in despair. As she lay there on the bed cold and still, the crew began to panic because they feared she wasn't breathing.

Of course, Meryl snapped out of this deliberate deep hypnotize mind state after ten minutes.

She could enter a state of hypnotize mind so intensely that she could fool the crew on the set into believing that she was dying.

Her ability to look, talk, move, and feel like the characters she plays makes her portrayal more real.

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According to Sydney Pollarck, the Oscar-winning director, she can actually transform her identity into the person she is playing at that moment in time.

Most important when she changes whom she is, it has a ripple effect on the other actors. In fact, the other actors react to her as if she was another person.

And in the context of a movie, it creates the perfect atmosphere for all the relationships about to unfold in the story.

Can you create a positive ripple effect in your relationships ?

Can you affect the reactions of others with your behaviors and emotions ?

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