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The Science of Weight Loss:
Evidence-Based Strategies

    Presented by Best-Selling-Author Pierre Provost

  1. The Science of Weight Loss: Understanding the Biological Mechanisms Behind Shedding Pounds
  2. The Emotional Toll of Trauma: How Adverse Experiences Can Affect Your Relationship with Food
  3. The Power of Mindfulness: Using Meditation  to Overcome Emotional Eating
  4. The Role of Nutrition: How Eating the Right  Foods Can Help You Heal from Trauma
  5. The Importance of Sleep: How Restful Nights Can Help You Lose Weight and Improve Your Mental Health
  6. The Benefits of Exercise: How Physical Activity Can Help You Overcome Trauma and Lose Weight
  7. The Role of Therapy: How Counselling Can Help You Address Trauma and Emotional Eating
  8. The Power of Community: How Support Groups Can Help You Overcome Trauma and Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
  9. The Art of Self-Care: How Taking Care of Yourself Can Help You Heal from Trauma and  Lose Weight
  10. The Path to Healing: Strategies and Processes for Overcoming Trauma and Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss

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