The secret to marketing books with a word-of-mouth campaign

There are many books on the shelves that teach you how to market your books.

One that I recommend is a book by Greg Stielstra, Pyromarketing, to understand the new way to marketing your books, ebooks and brand.

He is the marketing magician behind the sales of 2 million copies of the book, The Purpose Driven Life. Mmm... in one year.

In his book, he explains in four easy steps how marketing through word of mouth works now since the death of old style marketing.

Here are his four steps:

"1-Gather the driest tinder: Focus your promotions on those people most likely to buy, benefit from, and then enthusiastically endorse your product or service. They are the only ones whose ignition temperature is within reach of your advertising. They light easily and burn hot. The driest tinder is where word-of-mouth wild fires begin.

2-Touch it with the match: To the extent you can, give people an experience with your product or service. If you want people to laugh, don’t tell them you’re funny, tell them a joke. Experience is the shortcut to product understanding. It touches people deeply and generates more heat than advertising, igniting even the mildly interested.

3-Fan the flames: Fanning the flames means giving people tools to help them spread your message throughout their social network. People spread messages more effectively than advertising. The fire is hotter than the match. This is why the process that spreads your marketing message must be different than the one by which it began. Leveraging the power of personal influence is the only way to expand your marketing fire beyond its point of origin (the driest tinder and mildly interested) to the masses. By understanding the process you can equip people with tools to exponentially increase their reach and influence.

4-Save the Coals: Saving the coals means keeping a record of the people you encounter through your marketing so you can quickly and easily reach them to fan the flames or to tell them about new products that match their interests. This allows your marketing to build equity and keep pace with the needs of your growing business."

Click on the image below and watch his video.

Master his four steps and word of mouth, viral and affiliate marketing system.

I believe it's the no-speed-limit highway to best-selling book sales.

Just Imagine Your Success,

- Pierre
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