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Hi, the man who shattered glass with his voice on Dr. Oz
May 24, 2013
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"How To Take Care Of Your Voice, Get Rid Of Any Sore Throats, Vocal Chord Pain And Give The Best Performances Of Your Life While You Earn A Living !"

Imagine I talk for 8 hours straight for 6 weeks a year to sell Apple Cider with a very good friend who owns an apple orchard. My voice is oftentimes coarse now I know how to take care of my voice because of Jaime's book Voice RX.

It's such a powerful book that I recommend it to anyone who has a voice and throat, speaks and wants a voice care recipe... that means everyone.

"How To Hire A World-Class Voice Coach For Pocket Change"

Here are some of the healthy strategies Jaime teaches you step-by-step in his book...

-> How much time does it take to hydrate your vocal cords
-> When you wake up how much water must you drink immediately and how many ounces during the day
-> Should you use a portable steamer during the night?
-> What are some of the "opera foods for your voice?"
-> The four-step proven method that helped Jaime shatter glass after lying in bed sick for six days with a temperature of a hundred and two degrees
-> What are the enemies to your voice that hide in your mouth?
-> What 2 ingredients are essentials for oral-hygiene?
-> How Jaime taught Dr. Oz to shatter glass with his voice (search on glass shatter myth busting with Bill Nye, Pt.2) and how to irrigate your voice passages
-> Why and how Jaime uses this pot to eliminate irritants that you can only reach with this health tool
-> What is the best salt solution and alcohol to use for your voice care package
-> Warning: Should you use your microwave to boil water?
-> The Yuk Factor you must get over
-> The Ultimate Gargle recipe and how many times must you do it during the day to kill off harmful bacteria
-> The AVC cleanser that breaks up mucus and where to get it -> How to easily increase blood flow to your throat
-> Is lemon juice good or bad for your throat and pharynx?
-> The 2 key ingredients to reduce vocal cord swelling: The Singer's Mineral and The Natural Cortisone
-> How to massage your throat with the Vocal Stress Release program to alleviate tension
-> What 2 things you must do to your tongue
-> When you wake up, here are 2 exercises to practise -> Who taught Jaime the best exercise to warm up his voice and to help you recover a lost voice
-> How to practise this amazing exercise to make it through your singing performances, speaking gigs, interviews, actor's auditions, class presentations and phone conversations
-> How to channel your inner Mister Ed to sustain your pitch
-> Bonus one: How to use the nine-song workout to eliminate a hoarse and sore throat before a rehearsal or gig
-> Bonus two: How to combine 3 ingredients together with the four-step program to beat a cold
-> Who is Jaime Vendera and how can he help you

If you audition for American Idol, The Voice, your church choir, your school choir, America's Got Talent, The Voice, stage plays, motion pictures, television broadcasts, infomercials anytime or anywhere, you need to get the best voice prescription.

Pay attention and listen to what others say about Jaime Vendera...

"Jaime is the 'Mr. Miyagi" of vocal coaches" - Ben Thomas of Dweezil Zappa

"Jaime is a 'Yoda'." - Mat Devine of Kill Hannah "Because of my lessons with Jaime, my voice is feeling and sounding better than it as in twenty years. I am spot-on every night. He is the Vocal Guru." - James LaBrie of Dream Theater

"One time during a tour, I was so sick I could barely make it through the set. It looked as if we were going to have to cancel the next show. Jaime spent some time giving me some tips that helped me regain my voice. By the next night I was able to perform the show. He is fantastic! Raise Your Voice Second Edition is THE book for singers ( I would add for speakers, teachers, students, coaches and athletes). I recommend his books and his private instruction to ALL singers." - Myles Kennedy of Alter Brige

Jaime`s eBook link. Like I teach in my books, The Mental Training series, Mental Training For Winning: Accelerated Inner Game Secrets of Sport Psychology, Click here for my eBooks.

Jaime is a protagonist of modeling videos and most important, one of the best voice coaches in the world.

- Pierre Provost
2475 Orient Park Drive
Ottawa, Canada K1B 4N2

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