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Hi, How visual illusions can change your life
October 11, 2013
Successful Business and Motivational Stories

In this blog, you'll discover the wonderful world of magic, neuroscience and authors who are passionate about what they do in the lab, at the office or at Magic Castle...

-> How magicians fool your brain with visual, kinesthetic and auditory illusions... watch out for your wallets and watches

-> Why humor, the order of words, inflections and emotions in your voice plays an important role in magic

-> What does darkness have to do with levitation and a disappearing act

-> The secret to bending spoons and how you can do it... turn to page 33

-> What happens to your brain when you form a habit, how to make positive changes and eliminate bad behaviors, a Nobel Prize winner explains the process

-> How did Ehrich Weiss (discover his magician name on page 207) debunk the psychic powers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's wife

-> When you focus your attention on a single object like a laser beam, what happens to your peripheral vision

-> How can a ventroloquist make you believe that a puppet is speaking and singing

-> How we create false memories and the psychologist who proved that we often construct them even in a court of law

-> What happens when you watch a magician and your mirror neurons react

-> How NOT to get ripped off by email scam artists or how crooks can deceive you when they split test email lists... a clever little trick that allows them to steal your money

-> How two of the authors successfully pull a ripped playing card out of a person's brain while he is still alive... go to page 215

-> The Million Dollar Question: How did the authors get magicians to share their secrets and do they believe it's OK
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent training! July 13, 2013 By Karin Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase I have just had the pleasure of watching and being fascinated by the eBook, "Mental Training for Winning" by Pierre Provost. What an encouraging and very specific way to learn to be a winning athlete! Believing IS Seeing.

5.0 out of 5 stars it's a brilliant piece of writng July 13, 2013 By Roger Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase Pierre Provost wrote a detailed eBook on how to have a winning mind; it's a brilliant piece with incredible true stories of athletes that have used very simple technology to become winning athletes. His science and research is quite impressive. He reveals a lot of tricks on how to improve one's mental conditioning - shear dynamic of one wanting to get the edge so to speak on all aspects of improving their mental nutrition status. He shows you how using your unconscious mind in more ways than one will help you attain Gold Peak Status. Although I see this info more for athletes, just imagine what it can do for you in other aspects of your life.

A great read, Thanks Pierre,

Roger N Quevillon, M.Msc.

***** 5 stars Very informative and inspiring! May 2, 2013 By +Jaime Vendera VINE™ VOICE Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase As a vocal coach, for years I have been directing my singers to watch great performances of their favorite artists on YouTube to gain insight into the best ways to perform and sing. This book takes a similar approach, as applied to sports, and shows the reader a proven method for enhancing their game and maintaining peak performance as well as a way of 'getting into the zone' in minimal time. Reading it encouraged me simply due to the fact that the author backed up the method described in his book by presenting factual story after story of great athletes who have used a method of watching performance videos of themselves and other great athletes to improve their own performance. As well, the author presented evidence of each athlete's improvement records. Regardless of whether you're wanting to improve your golf swing, kick more field goals, up your batting average, or even improve your singing voice, I highly suggest you read and apply the method as described in this short book!

+James Mayes Jul 11, 2013 That was a very good book, +Pierre Provost I remember that story about Rafael Septien, too. I was a huge fan of the Cowboys when I was a kid. I never knew what helped him to become so good, though. Great stories in there!

- Pierre Provost
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