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Hi, Free course: How to make your life a Plus Ten
November 21, 2014
Successful Business and Motivational Stories

Here's the personal letter from a friend about this free course...

Hi Pierre!

The best example of a "power" move I got from Tony Robbins. Usually when we are in a "less than motivational" state, we tend to be in a bad posture also.

So whatever I am doing, I abruptly sit or stand up straight, breathe in deeply, picture myself moving through the action right then, and follow up immediately with doing it.

Our minds can only hold one thought at a time, so we can make it a positive constructive one. And our physiology is directly anchored to our mental state, and vice versa.

You are probably well acquainted with his strategy but I share it for others that may not be. Power moves are specifically personalized with whatever moves the individual. Whatever moves me may not move anyone else.

People can have a look at an FREE example that someone shared of his Unlimited Power Home Study Course in Slideshare here... Click here to read and watch this free course...

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- Pierre Provost
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Ottawa, Canada K1B 4N2

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