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Hi, the story of an eBook writer with unique marketing strategies
November 05, 2014
Successful Business and Motivational Stories

How to use eBook marketing strategies and social media to publish your eBook free of charge

Unique eBook Marketing Strategies

Of course you know about standard eBook marketing strategies and social media online. It's a smorgashborg of pêle-mêle strategies unless you have an eBook marketing plan.

Let's have some fun and analyze the innovative eBook marketing strategies for a new multimedia eBook recently launched by Hillary Carlip.

First she's a published author with 4 books to her credit and now an interactive multimedia eBook, Find Me I'm Yours. Her target niche is young girl teens between the ages of 14 and 18. Her first book, Girl Power: Young Women Speak Out, was published in 1995. It was selected by the New York Public Library for inclusion on its “Best Books for Teens" list, and Hillary appeared on Oprah to promote the book. click here to read the rest of the story of an eBook writer #ebookmarketing #ebook #ebookmarketingplan #socialmediamarketing 

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