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 The Easy Way To
Lose Weight Automatically
And Subconsciously !


...Without using starvation, pills, powder, or any other "miracle"
claims that make you gain weight
and lose your money

Imagine You: A Healthy, Fit
And Energetic Person

    If you want to influence your mind and brain, and change your lifestyle I showed you how to do it in the last video ...and turn your body, mind and lifestyle into an automatic health machine quickly.

    If you check out the programs available... there are three ways to do it:

    1. Sign up for programs that promise you miracles, sell you their food, sell you their recipes, and tell you how great their stuff is.

    2. Enroll in a medical clinic that shows you how great their food, recipes and method is.

    3. Or get and use the tools and information right here that you need to get the results you want automatically.

Here's The Bad News:

    The first two methods cost you an arm and a leg and don't work too well... but that's what you hear and see from the fast food industry on television, radio and the Internet.

    Brainwashing your mind with infomercials and ads with super-claims and testimonials that are mostly from a handful of clients and models (paid by the advertisers for social proof to endorse their products and services).

Here's The Better News:

    You don't need THEIR products or services.

    So all you've got to do is the opposite.

    Simply ...

Get And Use The Tools And Information That Can Help You By Actually Using Them Automatically And Subconsciously!

    Yes, I know it sounds simple and obvious.

    That's because it is simple and obvious.

    But there's a "catch."

    In order for this to really work... and to really lose weight automatically and burn fat fast, you've got to follow a certain "protocol."

    You need to do things in order, and you need to say things just the right way.

...And This Video Shows You
Exactly What To Do And
Tells You Exactly How To Proceed...

    Yes, I know it's long.

    Almost 30 minutes. But I wanted to take the time to give you everything.

    So I did.

    You'll probably find this more valuable and useable than 99% of the stuff other gurus are charging you money for.

    And that's the point.

    Watch this entire video. Replay it over and over again. Take your time with it. Take notes, and act on your ideas. Then test this out in your daily routine.

    Chances are, you'll be blown away by how well it works for you. I've used this "secret recipe" for the past 5 years and it's NEVER FAILED.

    I'm betting that once you try it and see the results you'll experience, you'll be happy to enroll in my advanced program and class, Sublimify: How To Train Your Subconscious Brain To Stay Healthy, Lose Weight 10 To 12 Pounds In 12 Weeks And Feel Energetic For Life (to prove to yourself how well this master chef protocol works ;-).

    Enrollment opens on November 3rd and space is limited because I'm teaching 3 classes LIVE worldwide on my private video Google Hangout account.

    It will likely sell out quickly due to pent up demand and the fact that this class is around 80% less than what my usual live training cost.

    So if you'd like to jump ahead of the line and get advance notice before it "officially" opens, read the full description and get on the Early Bird list here. A new tab should open so you won't lose your place in the video :-)


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